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Life Event Changes Pertaining to Your Healthcare Benefit Plans

The goal of this site is to help simplify and minimize the confusion involved in an employee's change of status (sometimes called a "life event") as it pertains to their various healthcare benefit plans.

For example, changes in family or employment status can be used as an IRS qualifying event to apply for additional life insurance, modify your FSA elections, change enrollment in disability plans, or even add or drop health insurance. A benefits change form and supporting documentation should be supplied by your administrator or human resources director.

Change of Status Tool

How can you know what change-of-status actions you qualify for under the law? Change of provides a tool that converts a complicated employee change of benefits status matrix to an easy-to-use, three-step wizard, allowing employees, employers and administrators to determine what life events are permitted under IRS rules and regulations. Just choose a life event below to begin.

Step 1Select a change of status event: